4 Easy Ways to Cut Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the era’s trend, and they look lovely whenever installed. Let it be your kitchen, bathroom, or entryway, the range of patterns is so wide that it suits just every aura.

Also, if you already have the tiles installed, updating the room with ceramic or porcelain tiles can instantly give any space a charismatic boost.

So if you want to go the DIY way, make sure you have the arrangement to cut the ceramic tiles correctly and easily.

Well, there are different methods you can use to slice those tiles down; let’s have the most famous ones here-

Manual tile cutter

The manual tile cutter is the perfect tool when you want to make straight cuts. Just place the tile on the platform, snap the lever down, and there you have it.

This technique requires manual efforts as it is not automotive, so it is a price-friendly approach that can also slice a pretty good amount of tiles quickly.

This machine is best suited for small ceramic tiles. However, this may not be the best choice for diagonal cuts or when you need patterned cuts to fit the tile in remaining spaces, such as rounded cuts. The purchase cost would be around $25 – $30.

Tile nippers

Tile nippers are used when you want tiny tile shapes to fit into spaces such as corners. These handy tools can be used to make small curved cuts so that you can draw the shape on the tile and slice it out accordingly.

The nipper is effective because it provides you with odd shapes that would fill up any empty space once you finish a basic tile job.

However, it is a slow process since you have to be careful with cutting the shape rightly. It is so price-friendly that you can get it for $10 – $20.

Diamond hole saw

Well, this unusual-looking saw can be greatly helpful during your DIY tiling job. The saw fits into any drill and can easily use on the surface.

This one is effective when you have any obstacle, such as the plumbing pipes, and you need to cut the tile around that obstacle. 

This may not be a compulsory tool to buy when you are lying the tiles if you don’t think there is any object that would obstruct you.

The saw has just one use to make the round holes, costing you around $15 – $25.

Wet saw

Well, this one is a must-have tool if you want fast and effective tile cutting. No saw is better than a wet saw because it is specifically designed for cutting the tiles.

The concept of a water reservoir that comes along with it keeps away any dust that would otherwise be produced when you use any other saw.

As the water flows continuously and is used by the blade, the machine doesn’t get hot as well and provides much cooler operation.

If it is about a one-time job, it is best to get the saw on rent that would charge you anywhere from $40 to $50.

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