Cutting Ceramic Tile With a Hand Tile Nipper

Cutting Ceramic Tile With a Hand Tile Nipper

A typical tile cutter would give you the most straight tile cuts that you can easily lay on the floor or on the walls. But what are you going to do about the remaining places where curved tiles are needed?

Well, there you need to use a tile nipper because this is the most affordable tool that gives you curved tiles. It is a hand tool that means it is not automatic or works on some machinery and hence it is way cheaper than all the tile cutting tools out there.

By using a tile nipper you can make a straight piece of tile curvy that is in a complete or half circle, depends on the space you are going to fill it in. Here we will talk about a clear process of how you can use a tile nipper in its true sense and get the job done. let’s get started-

Note: Make sure you wear gloves and goggle for eye protection before you begin with the tool because there will be flying chips that may bump in your eyes.

Start with Marking the Tile Surface

mark the tiles

First, you need to determine which space you are going to fill in and how much curvy tile it is going to need. Then take a piece of the tile that is enough to fill the space and mark it using the marker. You need to draw the curve on the tile so it can guide you later while using the nipper.

Start at the Corner

cut from the corner

It is best to start chipping off the tile from the corner rather than randomly or just anywhere. You can also score your tile using a scoring wheel for a more precise drawing that you can follow.

Pick up the tool and start cutting small pieces from the corner of the tile. Make sure you have eye protection because it is very normal to encounter flying pieces during the job.

Patience is the key when you are working with the tile nipper, so be patient and take small steps at a time instead of the big chunks. Cutting away big chunks may not result in a precisely sliced tile and the tile may also break.

Continue Cutting in Small Pieces

cut in small pieces

Continue this process from one corner to another and go further your way up. It is best to make cuts as per the shape you have drawn rather than in a straight manner.  When you reach closer to the finish line, make even smaller cuts than previously to keep any uneven cutting away.

Remember you need to be patient with this work if you are working with a pocket-friendly tool.

Final Cut

You should by now ended up with a nicely cut tile that has the same curve you expected it to be. Now, you need to smooth out the edge so it doesn’t look odd and fits well in the space. You can make use of sandpaper and smooth out the curved edge. Finally, wipe the tile and the edge with a clean cloth and you are ready to place the tile into the place.

So, that is how a tile nipper works and it only charges you around $10 to 20.

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