5 Best Tools for Cutting Ceramic Tile

Installing the tiles on your own is a great way to save on labor costs. However, don’t compromise on buying the right tools else you would make the job much harder and time-consuming. There are different types of tools for ceramic tiles cutting, make sure you read the major ones and buy or rent them as per your requirement. Let’s read about the tools here-

Best Tools for Cutting Ceramic Tile

Tabletop Wet Saw 

Tabletop Wet Saw

This is your ultimate tool that if you want to make perfect cuts and that too without any hassle, you should buy a tabletop wet saw. It is best to have the saw on rent if you do not perform tile cutting frequently, or if it is just one-time use. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to cut tiles, this tabletop wet tile saw will be a good tool to start with.

The saw is specifically made for tile cutting since it includes the diamond or carbon blade that is perfect for tiles. Plus, the continuous flow of water ensures a cooler and calmer cutting session. The water also contributes to producing much lesser dust and keeps you safe against getting debris in the eyes accidentally. Except for making curved cuts, the wet saw can be used for any kind of tile cutting on a larger scale.

Handheld Wet Saw or Oscillating Tool 

Handheld Wet Saw

The handheld wet saw works on the same principle as the above-mentioned saw except that you can also cut an already installed tile. The regular water stream keeps any dust at bay and promotes a much safer and cooler performance. The saw is much more useful than an ordinary saw because it provides the cleanest operation when it comes to tile cutting.

You can buy one for $100 or you can rent it if you are going to use the handheld wet saw for just a day. So when you want to take off any damaged tile that is already installed, this is your go-to tool.

Snap Tile Cutter 

best tile snap cutter

Snap tile cutter is useful when you have tiles to cut in straight and small size. This is a manual device that works using the carbide wheels. You place the tile in the space, secure it using the rail and snap it down to get your piece.

This is especially beneficial when you work on a smaller scale or when you have to place the tile in a smaller room. Also, when you don’t expect the finest cuts, the snap tile cutter can be preferred.

Tile Nipper 

Hand Tile Nipper

Tile nipper is a pocket-friendly tool that charges you around $10. The tool makes curved or unusual cuts that you need to draw on the tile and use the nipper according to the shape you desire. With the two hardened carbide blades, the tool allows you to slice off from the edge of the tile and get the shape that you need to fit in the space.

Rotary Cutting Tool or Hole Saw 

You can imagine the hole saw much like a drill that is used to cut holes in the tile. This is very useful when you have to cut the tile to make space for pipes or outlets that come in the way. The blade functions as a rotating drill bit rapidly using the diamond grit that is on the sides and cuts through the ceramic tile. However, the same can’t be used to make straight cuts as its name implies. The cutter comes with various blades that you can use to cut from small to big curves. Cutting several layers of tiles at once is also possible in order to save time. The hole saw charges you around $20, and the price can be increased as per the attachments.

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