Gainey Ceramics, Inc. Green Corporate Commitment

Gainey Ceramics has been “Green” for many years. We have done this due not only to California’s strict emission controls, nor just to be trendy, but to be a smart, sustainable, manufacturer.

To serve our customers needs, we provide planters made from three materials: ceramic, fiberglass and glass-fiber-reinforced concrete (GFRC). Of these materials, ceramic is the greenest; fiberglass and GFRC although considered clean products, may not qualify as green. GFRC and fiberglass are not produced in our California facility.

Gainey’s ceramic products are produced 100% at our factory in California. All of our clay bodies contain in excess of 25% recycled materials. Clay materials come from California, Texas and Georgia. All water used in the production process at our facility is recycled back into our clay; we do not dispose of any waste water from the production process. Any ceramic product lost in the production process is re-ground into powder and reintroduced into the clay.

In our spraying operations we, do not vent our spray booths to outside air. Glaze overspray is trapped in fabric filters and is recycled. After the air passes through these filters it continues through a series of cartridge filters, at that point it is so clean the air is vented inside our facility. Over the years, Gainey has significantly reduced hazardous materials used in our glazes. Ceramic glaze coatings contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Over the last few years, we have also purchased more energy-efficient kilns that have lower emissions. These kilns are so efficient that Gainey has established the standard of Best Available Control Technology (BACT) for oxides of nitrogen (NOX) and oxides of sulfer (SOX) emissions within the Southern California Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). This is the highest standard available and dictates vigilant monitoring of all emissions from our manufacturing process.

Our drying process has been completely reinvented; we now use waste heat from our tunnel kiln to keep our drying rooms at a constant 150 degrees.

Gainey has taken the steps to comply with the EPA standards under the 1990 requirements of the Clean Air Act. We are so clean that we are no longer required to function as a manufacturing company under Title 5 status.

As we develop new products, we will continue to move forward with sensitivity to the environment and a commitment to do the right thing.

We are a proud member of the US Green Building Council.